Enavigo K850

Length overall
9.00 m
Hull length
8.50 m
2.60 m
Light displacement
1.6 t
Heavy displacement
3.0 t
0.6 m
Waterline Length
8.30 m
Sails area
27 m²
Design category
D (ISO 12217-1)
Max crew members

Enavigo K850 is a training boat for basic training of cadets and sailors in traditional naval skills including rowing and sailing. Primarily designated for naval schools and institutions for naval personnel education (at all levels):

  • Rowing
  • Rigging and set up
  • Sailing
  • Seamanship (knots, rescuing at sea, use of safety equipment…)
  • Physical fitness, self motivation, discipline, leadership and teamwork
  • Rowing regattas

Practicing these activities gives essential training in seamanship and nautical skills, competence on the water and personal growth.


Enavigo K850 has passed the “Capsize Recovery Test” according to EN 12217-2. The crew members can right the vessel from a completely inverted capsize (180 degrees) without any external assistance (in normal working load condition with masts and sails raised!). The vessel has built in buoyancy rendering it unsinkable. Swamped or inverted, the vessel has sufficient reserve buoyancy to support all the crew members (15 people) together with their equipment.


Hull: Oregon Pine planking (20x30mm), 2 layers (2,5mm) of mahogany veneer, 400 g/m² glass roving with epoxy (on both outside and inner side). Hull paint: AWL Grip System. The hull sides are connected by transverse benches for crew members. Masts are made from laminated pine.